Miziwe Biik

Miziwe Biik wanted a strong, user focused website to increase brand awareness and better engage with the aboriginal community within the Greater Toronto Area.


Miziwe Biik, a renowned organization dedicated to providing employment and training services for Indigenous people in Toronto, recognized the need for a new website due to various challenges with their old one. The previous website’s outdated design no longer reflected their modern image and failed to engage users effectively. Moreover, it was cumbersome and complex to update and manage, hindering their ability to showcase current programs and opportunities. Recognizing these limitations, Miziwe Biik embarked on the journey to revamp their online presence by commissioning a new website, empowering them to convey their mission more effectively while ensuring a seamless user experience and simplified content management system.

Miziwe Biik desktop homepage image

The process

The Usual embarked on a comprehensive process to assist Miziwe Biik in revamping their existing website, with the aim of boosting user engagement and facilitating the training of the Aboriginal community for new job opportunities. The first step involved conducting an in-depth analysis of the current website, assessing its strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This analysis enabled us to identify key functionalities that needed enhancement and prioritize the implementation of new features.

Next, we collaborated closely with the Miziwe Biik team to define their specific goals and requirements for the website update. We employed a user-centered approach, prioritizing intuitive navigation, visually appealing layouts, and responsive design to ensure seamless user experience across various devices. Together with Miziwe Biik we incorporated culturally sensitive elements, such as indigenous artwork and symbols, to create an inclusive and engaging platform for the Aboriginal community.

We developed a comprehensive job board, where employers could post job opportunities tailored to the needs and skill sets of the community.

Throughout the process, we conducted rigorous testing and gathered feedback from Miziwe Biik and its users, incorporating iterative improvements to ensure the website met their requirements effectively.

The result

The final result was a modern, intuitive, and engaging website that fostered community growth, facilitated job training, and provided a reliable platform for employers to connect with talented individuals from the GTA.