Following a UX first principle always leads to the best results when rebuilding websites — especially ones that suffer from a high bounce rate and lack of conversions. We partnered with Cheapflights to increase user engagement and decrease bounce rates with some incredible results.

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Cheapflights, an online travel agency, faced challenges with user engagement and conversion rates on their website. Users were leaving the site too quickly, resulting in high bounce rates and missed opportunities for revenue generation. Recognizing the need for a website overhaul, we partnered with them to redesign their website and enhance the user experience.

Cheapflights desktop homepage

The process

We began with a website audit, noting variances in design across the site. We used user flows to show how to get users to click through as quickly and easily as possible. The booking engine was simplified, removing unnecessary fields. The desktop and mobile sites were merged into one, responsive site with a new mobile friendly booking engine. Following those changes the site was reskinned to be in line with the rest of the Cheapflights brand.

After launch we ran a series of AB tests to optimize click through (and therefore revenue).

Cheapflights wireframes and sitemap

The result

The results achieved after the redesign were impressive:

  • 20% increase in sessions: The improved user experience attracted more visitors and encouraged them to explore the website.

  • 5% conversion rate boost: The streamlined booking process and personalized recommendations significantly improved the conversion rate.

  • 2% reduction in bounce rates: The engaging design and optimized user flow reduced the number of users leaving the website prematurely.

  • $2,000,000 annual revenue increase: The combination of increased sessions and higher conversion rates led to substantial revenue growth.

The collaboration between Cheapflights and The Usual demonstrates the power of user experience design and prototyping in transforming a struggling website.